Andrew Hart is multi-media storyteller with nearly two decades of experience crafting film and photographic narratives. As a content Producer in higher education, Andrew works with diverse stakeholders to conceptualize, produce, edit, and brand compelling portraits of individuals and mission-driven institutions. His video and photographic work are central elements of Admissions, Advancement, and Alumni Relations communications work. His work has been recognized within the higher ed community for its unique ability to document life at the institution in an authentic and compelling fashion.

Outside of his work at Hampshire College, Andrew contributes his creative skills to a variety of community-oriented projects. Since 2015, Andrew has led programming for the Bellwether Film Series which brings provocative non-fiction films and their directors to the Amherst Cinema community. Since 2009, Andrew has acted as a video editor for the PROVINCETOWN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Across all his work, Andrew seeks out novel ways to authentically document subjects on their journey of creative discovery.